Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back from the land of the walking dead

So I just got over the nastiest flu I've had in years. It came just as I had traveled back east for my high-school reunion -- perfect timing, right? The combination of travel and illness made it difficult to update the blog, but I'm back to tell you that Lora B. won the Barbara Delinsky audio book! I still have a few days of travel, but the audio-book giveaway will resume next Wednesday, with three more still to give away--just for posting a comment.

How have you spent the dog days of summer so far? Traveling? Hanging by the pool? Getting ready to send a child back to school? Do tell.


Diane said...

stopping in from SITS to say hello! glad to hear you're over the flu!! ugh i hate being sick!

have a great weekend!

MarcomMom said...

Thanks, Diane. Much better now!