Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U2 at the Rose Bowl for Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, October 17, 2009

SITScation '09 Highlights

So the official part of SITScation ’09 is now over, but the dancing continues into the night. As a first-time blogging conference attendee, I’m happy to report that this conference was way more fun and informative than I had dared hope for.

But the real surprise was how warm and friendly my fellow bloggers turned out to be. Absolutely EVERYone, including blogging stars like SITS founders Tiffany and Heather and speakers like PHAT Mommy and Tip Junkie Laurie Turk were utterly approachable and easy to engage.

Even better, they were fun—and a number of them were absolutely gorgeous out there on the dance floor in their feathers and silver tops and wraps.

No divas to be found anywhere at SITScation! The more successful bloggers who were featured speakers unhesitatingly spilled their most valuable secrets and shared their less glorious moments and lessons learned from mistakes, as well.

Search Twitter using #SITScation and you’ll see many of the highlights of the weekend. For my money, the best tips I picked up were these:
• “Please all and you will please none.” Plus: live, blog, and comment “in the light” (my paraphrase). Sugar Jones says there’s plenty of negativity in the world; don’t spend time fueling fires that only destroy.
• Don’t let your blog impact your regular life. Posting can wait; life can’t. –Renee Ross
• Personal branding can’t be fabricated. Brand yourself by identifying your unique qualities and passions. Once you do that, everything else falls into place. –Alli Worthington

Fabulous weekend. Would love to hear from SITSas who were there and may even have been Pokened by me at some point. XO to everyone!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Snagging swag at SITScation '09

OK, I really did not expect the major swag bag I was given at SITScation '09 registration: jewelry, snacks, environmentally friendly laundry systems, t-shirts, Sudoku, and chocolate. But the really exciting news is that I've already gotten inspired by bloggers I've met and by the opening speaker, Jessica Gottlieb and the founder of Spirit Jump--what a story!

More to come after the party tonight.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Yes, I can

Change is coming. New blog posts will arrive no less frequently than weekly. Yes, I can! Stay tuned...