Monday, May 04, 2009

Insanely creative homeowners, please post here

So my journalist husband and I are thinking about bailing out of L.A. after 25-30 years each, including over 10 together and nine with our daughter. Even with the housing downturn and my husband's layoff from a national magazine--a kind of job that's gone forever--our house is still worth enough due to the previous bubble that we can afford to get something a level above our current house if we move to Nashville.

What amazes me as I take virtual house tours online is not that Nashville is full of creative urban types, but by how many of these houses are decorated in an insanely great way. Gorgeous paint on the walls, fabulous bathrooms full of new features that harken back to the 20's and 30's. It seems that each and every house I look at has been tastefully redone in a way I admire.

Just today on Facebook I saw some photos posted by a friend from high school back in West Virginia. Now working for a high-tech company in North Carolina, she is a crazy-good artist in her spare time. Check out the painting she recently did around her house:

I could never do this in a trillion years, but it thrills and humbles me to see Kathy doing this with her home. Anyone out there do something gorgeous or deranged or cool or all three in her own home? I'd love a link, so post in the comments below.

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