Thursday, April 30, 2009

Burger King's "square butts" ad -- in prime time?

OK, every day I wonder whether I'm the most freakish, old-fashioned, throwback of a mother on the planet. But! I was seriously miffed when that Carl's Jr. "Flat Buns" ad was shown before 7:00 p.m. last year--the one with the teacher gyrating on top of her desk in front of those teenaged boys.

Just now I saw a Burger King ad set to the tune of "I like big butts...," only they were singing, "I like square butts and I cannot lie..." and there were pictures of SpongeBob and the Burger King rocking out alongside these girls in tiny shorts with phone books stuffed in the back to give them big, square behinds.

Should my nine-year-old be exposed to this hyper-sexualizing of women in a cartoon featuring her favorite (normally sweet and innocent) cartoon character? Do I have to turn the TV off before 6:00 at night? And would that even work?

Look, I don't even let my daughter say "butt," preferring "bottom," much less let her watch people dancing suggestively. When did crude language become so completely and thoroughly EVERYWHERE during daylight hours and on kids' TV channels?

Does this concern others, too? Am I such a throwback? I don't need to go live with the sister wives on a farm in Colorado to find other people who care about this, do I? Tell me your thoughts below.

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